Swimming ; The Best Exercise For A Full Body Workout.

Swimming is the easiest way to get a full-body workout…Yes,when it comes exercise, there’s an exercise more effective than weight training and running that you’re probably forgetting about — unless it’s the Olympics and surely its that exercise Michael Phelps has his name stamped on.

Swimming fires up more of your body’s major muscle groups than other forms of cardio exercise. It does not only engage your legs, but also recruits your upper body and core, especially your lats — the muscles of your middle back — and triceps and your lungs also really benefit from this sport.

The low-impact nature of swimming is one reason many athletes actually turn to it — or aqua jogging Swimming

— when recovering from a running or cycling injury.

Plus, it’s the perfect way to cool off in the summer heat or get in an effective indoor workout during the snowy winter months.

You can get any type of cardio workout that you need in the pool and have little or no impact on your joints and if you have a good technique in your swim stroke, you can safely perform all of the cardio that any goal requires without doing damage to your body.

Lap swims — done in a pool with designated lanes, if possible — is what we’re talking about. Swimming back and forth is nothing like being on the repetitive “dread mill.” It’s more fun, carries a lot smaller chance of injury, and is essentially a life skill.

So, why don’t you step up your swimming routines and stop making excuses about the machines in the gym.. Remember, the number of calories you burn during a swim depends on how intense your workout is and how long you’re swimming for.

No Mistakes;Never Swallow Pool Water!! (My Personal Story)
If you learned to swim as a kid or missed out on swimming lessons at an early age, working with a coach or swim group can be a great way to learn proper breathing and stroke techniques.

The freestyle stroke is the most common and best for beginners.

Once you master that, a coach can teach you many other options to get you back and forth across the pool.


However, swimming is more than proper technique. Mapping out the purpose of each workout is just as important. Treat swim training as you would any other sport and go into each workout with a specific goal in mind.

Thank me later….*smiles*

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