Why You Shouldnt Workout/Exercise When Angry – New Research.


A hard workout may seem like a good way to blow off steam after a fight with your partner or a disappointing day at work. But it might be smart to avoid going all-out in the heat of the moment..
Now the question is why?
A new study suggests that combining heavy physical exertion with a negative emotional state could put you at increased risk for a heart attack.Both can raise blood pressure and heart rate, changing the flow of blood through blood vessels and reducing blood supply to the heart,This is particularly important in blood vessels already narrowed by plaque, which could block the flow of blood leading to a heart attack.

The research found that either factor was linked to heart attacks on its own, but that the association was strongest in people who experienced them both shortly before their symptoms started. That was true across all groups in the study—including people who had preexisting risk factors and those who didn’t.
When the researchers compared people’s day-of and day-before responses, they found that heavy physical exertion was associated with a more than two-fold risk of suffering a heart attack. The same was true for being angry or emotionally upset.

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But the even bigger danger seemed to come from a combination of the two potential triggers. Being angry or upset while engaging in heavy exertion more than tripled the risk of having a heart attack, compared with someone experiencing neither.

This was true regardless of participants’ smoking status, body mass index, blood pressure levels, and other health problems, and regardless of whether they were taking heart-related medicines such as aspirin, statins, or beta blockers.
extreme emotional and physical triggers seem to have similar effects on the body.

Overall, of course, workout is good for the heart—and high-intensity exercise has benefits that can’t be matched with light physical activity alone but we would recommend that a person who is angry or upset who wants to workout to blow off steam not go beyond their normal routine to extremes of activity.

This advice applies to everyone, including healthy people with no history of heart problems.

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