Reasons Why You Have To Love The Harmattan Season;Health Benefits


The Harmattan Season always ushers us to a a ‘Christmas is near’ feeling which is an undeniably feeling we all experience…It brings with it hot, dry, and dusty winds that blow across West Africa from the Sahara desert into the Gulf of the Guinea .harmattan

Harmattan season is also associated with low humidity. As a result, the weather is harsh to the skin and body. The skin is dry and lips crack.

Studies have also shown that many micro organisms that cause diseases abound during harmattan period making 50% of the population hate the season as it exposes them to dust particles aggravating respiratory tract infections, eye irritations, pneumonia, catarrh, cough etc

But hardly do we pay attention to the positive sides this season brings and the health/cosmetic  benefits that come with its characteristics…

  1. Keeps your Make up Baked and Uncracked.

YES! I wrote that and am sure you didn’t think of that. With the low humidity and cold the harmattan brings, your make up game could be all lit and strong with the contouring, bronzing and all what not. P.S- With the best products tho like House of Tara Makeup kits

2. Harmattan Brings Out Your Skin’s A Game.

In as much as the weather can be harsh to the skin and body, the skin can be kept healthy by application of oily creams and weather friendly clothing. Funny as it may seem, during harmattan the skin tends to absorb body creams well enough due to low humidity as it tries to compensate for water ratio needed for the skin’s use.

3. It serves as a precursor to good agricultural activities and rich harvest.


Fruit trees like mangoes, avocado, guava among others blossom with flowers and fruit during harmattan, Traditionally, farmers use the period to clear farms and get them ready for planting.

4. Harmattan tends to reduce environmental odor as everywhere appears dry and hazy. Well, not just for the environment but also hair odor which comes from heat pressure and moisture.

5. It reduces the risk of some communicable diseases which are mostly gotten through body/fluid contacts e.g Ebola and also reduced cases of Malaria

With the rainy season comes water holes and stagnant water in gutters and potholes. Mosquitoes thrive during these times as they breed in the stagnant water and as such, there is a rise in the spread of malaria.  However, during the dry season, there are no mosquitoes and the people are healthier.

6. African cherry
The African cherry, also known as Agbalumo, is a star sign that the harmattan season has arrived. Nigerians are huge fans of the tiny yellowish-brown fruit which has certain medical benefits including reduction of inflammation associated with laryngitis and pneumonia, as well as treatment for hypertension, tooth abscesses, heart problems, intestinal issues, and cancer. The fruits are sold all around the city, from the roadside to market and even malls like Shop rite.

All said and done, harmattan season is one season I  enjoy so much so, why not be positive and also enjoy this season with me as we drive with caution through it.


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