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I wouldn’t be surprised if you have always been of the question, What a man truly wants from you as a woman.
Believe me that the greatest confusion, comes when out of curiosity you eventually asks him,…” Baby boo what do you actually want from me?”.. Just forget it, for the replies are always gonna be selfish as he will want to convince you into what you want to hear, especially when he hasn’t really explored you.

Men are creative and barely would you know his intent. As every lady has the great power of finding what lies within a man’s future through his capabilities at present, to see beyond the present of a man and see into his future, thus you can also know what a man needs from you, for the gift is already in you.
The need lies in your capability of finding out the purpose you serve in him and my dear that is his interest in you. In life once the purpose is served the interest naturally diminishes. Imagine the quest for food when you’re hungry and once satisfied the purpose is served, the interest diminishes.

Ask your self what purpose do you serve in his life?
Find out that thing which queches his thirst, that makes him reaching for you.
Commitment comes with interest, investment is of interest and once these aren’t in view of his desired concern then it’s a turn off.
It amuses me that after sex, a lady now asks his guy what he wants from her; My dear you have already served your purpose and the interest is limited. Otherwise how would you explain a guy’s enthusiasm when he so needs you around him and he takes a 100km drive to pick you up at night, promises you the world, becomes so polite, respectful, tolorates your bad choice of words and waits patiently for you for hours as if his life depends on you, while you take your time dressing up and enjoying the pride of a queen, finally showing up in your bikini, he calls you beautiful names and flatter you at every single opportunity.
For fun, he takes you to exotic and quite expensive places, probably makes a quick night shopping for you, oh gracious you are wholly feeling loved and like an angel in his world says your inner mind and you fall for it. Dont forget that a man can fly you on his jet just to sleep with you. The intrigues of life, just in less than 6 hours after the fun night he finds no interest in you again and all the compliments disappears, you now seem to be a burden and like a piece of trash to be discarded. The supposed mr right turns being left-handed, he discharges you off with excuses of busy schedules, claiming late on some appointments and throws some cash at you.
Waooooooohhhh! Baby you came by his car and now you are going by a bike or a cab. No parting kiss, no hug.. Hello!!! Are you blind?, and you still ask him what he wants from you.

The deception is sure but you have to chose on whether to fall for it or outsmart him, He will come back some other day when he feels the urge again, but the record is that you’re in his list already, your regrets for he will only come when he chooses not when you need him. If you watch closely you will find out that for those whom their purpose are of high relevance to their men, they seem to be the dictators of their relationship, because no matter what he keeps coming back at your own call, there is never an excuse, your purpose is of a great interest, he dosent have any substitution for you. Having read through these, the question now is:
What is your purpose in His life?.
Understanding the purpose you serve in your relationship is very vital, as it’s the interest of your partner. It’s not a question to be asked but to find within you.
Is it your body?
Your career?
Your status?
Your personality?
Your Advice?, Wisdom? Comfort?..
Your conscience will always present the truth. Then you will choose whether to stay to continue fulfilling that purpose or to quit.
Now having checked out all these and more you will find out that which is his quest for you and that is your purpose in your relationship.
…Happy finding…

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