Why You Need To Start Sexercising From Today…….


Let’s state the obvious: Having sex is fun. But what might be less obvious is that it’s also good for you — mentally and physically all round. (Sexercising)
It Eliminates Depression
Why? One theory is that vaginal tissue is very absorptive, and semen contains a host of mood-elevating chemicals, like endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin. For women, sex is literally a jolt to your system, and if you’re getting it on regularly you might be on cloud nine for quite a while.

Brighter Complexion And Skin Repair
Forget your morning swipe of blush and overly expensive face serums. With increased blood circulation and oxygenation of the blood, a post-coital glow means a temporary brighter complexion. But there are longer-lasting beauty benefits of sex, too. An orgasm triggers a rush of endorphins and growth hormones, like DHEA, that help heal damage caused by the sun, smoking, and cortisol buildup, which is associated with the thinning of the skin. In fact, a Scottish study showed that people who have sex every other day look dramatically younger (up to seven to 12 years!) than their compatriots. If your crow’s feet are a growing concern, make sure to get some alone time in with your guy — your face will thank you.

Increases Intimacy
Sex has that magical quality of bringing you into the moment, especially at orgasm, which is a period of time that feels like animated suspension, where your mind and body both go off-grid.” those with more loving physical contact showed the highest amounts of oxytocin. Released both during sex and even while kissing, “oxytocin is the hormone that creates the urge to merge and bond,” explains Britton. “There’s a surge of it after sex and that’s where the desire to cuddle and hold each other comes from.”
Solo sex, or sex with someone who you’re not in love with can still be pleasurable, but neither fulfills the emotional needs to the extent that sex with someone you care about can, So while you’re still getting the release of oxytocin during masturbation, the pair-bonding aspect may manifest itself more in feelings of generosity toward others (e.g., baking your girlfriends cookies or breakfast on bed), rather than impulses to settle down and start knitting baby booties.(Sexercising)

Relieves Headache And Tension
That runner’s high you get after finishing your morning loop? Thank endorphins for that. That breathless, heady haze after some midnight nooky? Thank endorphins for that, too. Right before climax, a wave of oxytocin rushes through your body that in turn releases endorphins, which are similar in structure to opiates and have the same feel-good affect by occupying morphine receptors in the brain. “It’s pain relief and pain killing effect,” says Britton. Have a headache? Ditch the nap and squeeze in a quickie instead.
In addition to providing enhanced blood flow to the body, sex also increases blood flow to the brain, delivering an extra boost of glucose that it uses as energy. So, if you’ve got a buildup of e-mails to read or really want to finish your crossword puzzle, sex might just be the jump-start you need. Afternoon delight, anyone?

Sexercising (which is referred to by some as eroticise) is the physical exercise performed in preparation for sexual activity and designed to tone, build, and strengthen muscles.

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