How is Coffee Bad for you?

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Coffee is basically a drink which individuals all over the world like a lot. Coffee is mostly consumed in cold days of winter. Coffee is made with the coffee beans and a roasted fruit of Coffea Arabica bush. This drink has become much favorite drug in America and more than 180 million individuals are drinking coffee every day. Different researches have proved that drinking too much coffee will affect human beings as there are some negative side effects of coffee.

How is Coffee Bad for you?

Mostly people drink coffee for getting relief from physical and metal fatigue plus to boost their mental alertness. If anyone drinks coffee once or twice in a week then there are some benefits of drinking coffee as well. But those who make a habit of drinking coffee will have to face problems such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Coffee also increases the hazard of high cholesterol, nausea, insomnia, agitating, and irregular heartbeats because it contains too much caffeine.

Here I am sharing some negative side effects of coffee which are informative for all those who are drinking coffee on regular basis.

1. Diabetes

Many researchers found that Caffeine which is found in coffee may increase the risk of diabetes. Those who have diabetes problem should avoid drinking caffeine and should daily monitor the blood sugar cautiously.

2. Coffee, Stress and Tension

Drinking a lot of coffee will help in releasing the hormones like cortisol stress, norepinephrine and epinephrine. The chemicals which are found in coffee will increase the level of heart rate, tension and blood pressure. People think they drink coffee just to relax themselves and to increase their energy but it is not like that. Avoid drinking coffee for keeping you away from stress and tension.


3. Osteoporosis (Thinning of Bones)

Consuming too much caffeine/coffee will boost calcium in your body that flush out in your urine and this will weaken your bones. Those who have the problem of osteoporosis/thinning bones should limit caffeine. Also you can take calcium supplements which assist in making up your calcium which is lost just because of caffeine.

4. Heartburn Problems

Heartburn and acid reflux can also be caused by drinking coffee as it will help in relaxing your lower esophageal sphincter. High caffeine and coke beverages can contribute the disease of heartburn but coffee is predominately challenging for problem of heartburn.tmp_14476-shutterstock_249549703.0.0-233531498

5. Diarrhea

Coffee entails caffeine and those who take coffee in large amounts will face severe diarrhea. So it is better to avoid coffee in summer days because this problem arise especially in warm and hot days.

6. Ulcers, Acidity and IBS

The compounds found in coffee may irritate stomach and lining of small intestine. Drinking too much coffee becomes an issue for those having IBS, ulcers and gastritis. Doctors usually advise these patients to avoid drinking coffee


.7. Improper Digestion

The production of hydrochloric acid will be stimulated if you drink coffee with empty stomach, like in morning. It can create problem as hydrochloric acid should just be produced for digesting meals. Consuming coffee on regular basis will produce HCI more frequently. Under this situation, your body may face difficulty in producing adequate HCI for digestive a big meal. The digestion of protein is particularly affected by the shortage of HCI in stomach. Thus, the protein-enriched foods pass through small intestine prior to their complete breakdown. Undigested protein can cause several health issues like gas, IBS, bloating, colon cancer and diverticulitis.

So these are the most common negative effects of coffee. If you have caffeine addiction then try to reduce its consumption or completely avoid it otherwise you might face these health issues.


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