Find Out The Secret Behind Jollof Rice And Puffy Eyes…

jollof rice

We all have experienced this ish one way or the other and its no longer any news that if you eat jollof rice at night or in early hours of the morning,you will wake up with puffy eyes/ eyebags, Sure you keep wondering the mystery behind this..Lets unravel it for you….jollof rice

Certain foods encourage fluid retention in the body e.g salty and processed foods containing sodium and food loaded with carbohydrates.(and as you all know sodium chloride is basically salt).
Sodium is one of several contributing factors that can lead to puffy eyes.Our body requires sodium for a number of functions, which includes maintaining the proper fluid balance in your body. Your kidneys are the main fluid sensors for your body. They determine how much sodium you have in your body and retain or release water accordingly.So when your sodium levels are high or you take that salty rice,your kidneys will signal your body to retain water, which can lead to bloating and this can also apply to the area underneath your eyes because the skin under the eyes is very thin. When your body retains water, the skin under your eyes may appear even more pronounced, leading to the appearance of puffy eyes..

Also know it today that sodium is frequently added as a preservative to these foods and also many spices. Many restaurant and fast food meals tend to be high in sodium as well because salt is added to enhance flavor same as spices so you definetely need to cut it low with spices when making your jollof rice.

Try as much as possible to maintain a low salt addition while making your Jollof rice- its better “no-salt” in the food than “too much salt” in the food. Rice, already contains salt naturally and ready for consumption- putting more salts to the food, most especially at night- its not a very good thing to do- most people eat dinner pretty late at night and expects swift digestion of all intakes.. ehn? c’mon! please its not healthy- it will even give you more problem than the expected “eye bags” or “blurry red eyes”. people always ask for iodized salt at shops but that does not suggest the need to use “more of it” while cooking. hmmm “Goiter” lips sealed.


If you experience eye puffiness after eating jollof rice that is related to the amount of spices and salt used, there are some steps you can take to flush the sodium and fluid buildup from your body. The first is to gently tap the area underneath your eyes where the skin is puffy. This can encourage the fluid to drain. Flush the sodium from your body by increasing the amount of water you drink. The increase in water will dilute the salt in your body, signaling the kidneys to release fluid. You also can apply a cold compress like cooled cucumber or potato slices or a cloth dipped in milk. To your eyes and the area underneath your eyes for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness.

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