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The Female Robotic Sex Doll Rivalry…..What’s More?


Our women have started complaining over the reactions of men on the robotic sex doll. There has been an existence of male sex dolls, female vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys which are used by lots of women especially those that project to be civilized to stimulate and satisfy their sexual life. Findings has it that most ladies visit the malls and even order online for these sex toys which they defend is not cheating on their man. Image result for robotic sex doll
Female Robotic sex doll has hit the market today but the invention of this sex doll has raised a lot of eyebrows bringing more attention to its technology. Men in quest of this doll have claimed a lot of reasons for its demand and are gratified. The Robotic sex doll is so trending that its publicity has taken over the previous known house, industrial and office aid robotics which are build to enhance human work force.
The excitement of this Robotic sex doll from men is not hidden as many are placing orders from brothels, motels and even individuals not considering the cost but it’s satisfaction. Already some motels have launched it and have reliefed their sex workers of their engagement within their facility. The zeal for this new sexual exploration has increased thereby making the demand relatively higher than the supply and that’s a great financial market as many are eager to engage in the lucrative yeild.
The internet lately is filled with the trending robotic sex dolls invention and has gained publicity which has taken over the social media. Every word has its defintion and this brings us the definition of a doll: The definition of a doll states clearly that it’s made for children as a toy to play and further used by some countries for certain religious rituals. Having this definition at heart; Will you agree to consider anyone clamouring for this object to be termed a child or a religious ritualist?
Technology has been invented by man to enhance life existence but has equally been proven to be Man’s inhumanity to Man; creativity is an intelligence which is built either to save or to destroy the human race.
Robotic sex doll is Man’s inhumanity to human in taking advantage of human weakness to create insanity among mankind. No doubt it has come to stay because no technology like this can be totally abscond to waste in recent times as already considered remedy to a great number of people. Psychological experts has proven the same psycho challenge of someone who mastubates to same who uses a sex doll. This technology sadly will reduce the coexistence between human sexual relationship…..

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