Do you know?; Babies also feel the pain of childbirth.

Not only women, even babies feel pain during labor, while women struggles stretching her birth canal to bring her baby out, babies gets squeezed in order to get delivered. But how much pain they feel during delivery is not known exactly, as babies wouldn’t be able to tell their pain and what they feel. As babies are very tender and soft, they are more sensitive to pain. After resting for such a time period in mothers warm womb, getting squeezed and coming out to an entirely different climate with lowered oxygen levels would definitely bother her/him. But, the pain felt by the baby will substantially be less when compared to the pain felt by delivering mother.

According to a study –“Babies can distinguish painful stimuli as different from general touch from around 35 to 37 weeks gestation, just before an infant would normally be born”

This fact is further supported by studies showing increased respiratory comorbidities in newborns born by Cesarian section where there is no squeezing of body and there may be a delay in taking first breath by baby. This is not true in all cases but there have been significant number of cases reported in studies.

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