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Dehydration headache

Dehydration Headache ; How To Recognize And Manage.

When I don’t drink enough water, I tend to develop/get a headache or migraine and then it becomes so severe that all i want to do is to have some…

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More Visits To An Optician Could Spots Early Dementia Signs – Researchers

A simple eye test carried out by opticians could help predict who is at risk of developing dementia, a study suggests. The test is usually done to spot early signs…

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Reasons Why You Need To Sleep Naked ; Health Benefits….

We're always on the hunt for new routines that improve wellness, and we've been hearing a lot about this one lately: sleeping naked. Not only is going to bed in…

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Blood Pressure

Your Coffee And Your Blood Pressure; Why You Need To Be Careful..

Have you ever thought of this? Oh yes! Caffeine can cause a short, but dramatic increase in your blood pressure, even if you don't have high blood pressure. It's unclear…

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Do Not Drink Straight Apple Cider Vinegar – Experts Warn

When it comes to home remedies, few products are as revered or as misunderstood as apple cider vinegar. It’s been hailed as a "cure" for everything from hiccups to acne,…

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Reasons Why You Should Never Throw Away Eggshells

An Eggshell is the hard, outer covering of an egg. It consists mostly of calcium carbonate, a common form of calcium. The rest is made up of protein and other…

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swimming pool

No Mistakes;Never Swallow Swimming Pool Water!! (My Personal Story)

So for few days after visiting the swimming pool, i have been struggling with a whole lot ranging from common cold, sore throat and ear discharge of which my whole…

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Why Do People Faint / Pass Out?,Causes & Symptoms After Fainting.

In cartoons, fainting is always done by falling over stiff as a board and landing either flat on your face or back. In movies, the classic melodramatic faint was with…

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