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The Hidden Dangers Of Sleeping With A Fan On All Night.

Dealing with the heat during the day is one thing, but dealing with it at night? That's when things get insufferable. It's difficult, if not impossible, to fall asleep when…

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Swimming ; The Best Exercise For A Full Body Workout.

Swimming is the easiest way to get a full-body workout...Yes,when it comes exercise, there’s an exercise more effective than weight training and running that you’re probably forgetting about — unless…

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Reasons Why You Need That Nap; Health Benefits.

This article happens to be one of the "TRY TO ACT WHAT YOU PREACH" kinda one because basically i hardly nap unless after a workout routine when my muscles are…

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Best Ways To Cope/Deal With Bad News Or Situations…

Your partner cheated on you....bad news You've been fired.....bad news Your house has been burgled....bad news You've been diagnosed with a life-changing medical problem......What more? Bad news can leave us…

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Panic Attacks

How To Deal With Panic Attacks – My Personal Story

Panic Attacks-If you’ve ever experienced a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear then you’re familiar with the feeling of having a panic attack. Your heart pounds, you can’t breathe,…

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Constant Masturbation.

In secondary school, masturbation wasn’t exactly a popular topic. In fact, talking about masturbating in almost any social—or even educational—setting was a big no-no. It was almost as if masturbation…

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How Sexual Intercourse Can Make You Lose Weight

A healthy weight is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping our pounds in check is good for our ticker, our bones, and our lungs. It might even keep…

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Why The Emotional Intelligent, EQ May Earn More Money.

Emotional Intelligence EQ, is the type of intelligence that really matters in order to succeed in life. Also referred to by some as “street smarts,” or practical intelligence, EQ was conceived of as an alternative to “book smarts," as assessed by standard intelligence tests (IQ). There was some evidence in support of these claims, which in turn became the basis for what amounted to an EQ revolution. IQ was out, and EQ was in. The jury was still out, however, on just how much of a benefit EQ could provide in helping people become materially, if not psychologically, in their life accomplishments. As Miami University of Ohio’s Joseph Rode and colleagues note (2017), “there are few systematic studies of the relationship between emotional intelligence and career success, despite strong interest in the popular press." The studies that do exist focus on short-term outcomes and didn’t produce very promising results to bolster claims of EQ’s career-boosting potential. Recognizing the need to address more systematically and, over the long haul, the possible benefits of EQ, Rode et al. developed a theoretical model that would account over time for a role of EQ in workplace success. In their model, EQ should be related to the ability to build “social capital” in the form of social support networks. Specifically, people high in EQ should be able to find mentors who would, in turn, train them in relevant job skills. Possessing these skills, the high-EQ workers should be able, then, to achieve the higher job levels that produce higher salaries.

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