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The Unexplained Height And Health Mystery In Tall People.

Have you ever wondered if your height affects your health in anyway seems possible whether short or tall...Being tall might get you a spot on the basketball team, and it…

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Blood Pressure

What Is Coffee’s Effect On Kidneys; Good Or Bad?

The ever growing worldwide popularity of coffee as a beverage of choice also makes it a subject of intense study into its health effects on kidneys. There is research that…

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Raw egg

Applying Raw Egg On Burns As First Aid Is Wrong-Dr Umah.

A medical doctor, Dr. Jamiu Umah, has warned the public to stop applying raw eggs and other substances as first aid on victims of burns saying it is an unwholesome…

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jumping ropes

Skipping Rope; Good For The Brain.

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of crossing/jumping rope(s) are as we all enjoyed the fun growing up especially girls...Funny enough, it has a whole lot of thrilling health…

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Diabetic capital of the world

Did You Know? India is The Diabetic Capital Of The World.

India is the diabetic capital of the world with as many as 50 million people suffering from type-2 diabetes, and has a challenge to face. However, medical experts feel that…

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Do you know?; Babies also feel the pain of childbirth.

Not only women, even babies feel pain during labor, while women struggles stretching her birth canal to bring her baby out, babies gets squeezed in order to get delivered. But…

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Discover the health benefits of Kissing.

We all enjoy a really good kiss, but did you know that locking lips with someone makes you live longer, helps prevent tooth decay and burns calories? Apart from the…

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Weight loss surgery now carried out in Nigeria.

Weight gain is a predominant problem besetting both men and women alike in our society. As Nigerians, our staple foods constituting mainly of starch and and the general lackadaisical  attitude towards a healthy lifestyle of exercising and healthy eating takes the blame.

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The Origin of Multiple Sclerosis.

By sharing the story of multiple sclerosis, you can hopefully gain insight into just how far we have come in understanding this complex disease—especially in the last 20 years—and even…

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Chocolates may lower the risk of heart diseases.

New researchers have affirmed that eating chocolate on a regular basis may be associated to a lower risk of heart disease, a new study published online by Heart revealed on Wednesday.

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