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skin sign

The Skin Sign; How Your Skin Tells You Are Sick…

The skin is one of the first organs to react to a dangerous condition, so when your you notice any skin sign like reaction, abnormality or abnormal is important…

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The Hidden Dangers Of Sleeping With A Fan On All Night.

Dealing with the heat during the day is one thing, but dealing with it at night? That's when things get insufferable. It's difficult, if not impossible, to fall asleep when…

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H2oh! Is Water Really Gonna Be Jealous? Find Out…..

Are you also strucked with this wonderful H2oh! sparkling water  that makes other water jealous and really want to know how beneficial and healthy its consumption is?...Well read on because water…

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kidney stones

Kidney Stones ; What Are They Exactly; Signs & Symptoms

What exactly are kidney stones, anyway? A kidney stone is basically exactly what it sounds like: a hard object that forms in your kidney. It starts out when certain chemicals…

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Major Tips To Avoid Nosocomial Infections -(Hospital Acquired Infections)

When it comes to nosocomial infections,there are three things that matter: Infection Control, Needle Safety, and Antibiotic Resistance. Infection Control Sometimes, infections spread, even in a hospital. In hospitals, we've…

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Morning Sunlight; Why You Might Not Receive This Blessing….

Early Childhood, we were taught that the molecules that produce vitamin D are present in our skin and activated by the sun, so soaking some morning sun is a good…

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Reasons Why You Need To Sleep Naked ; Health Benefits….

We're always on the hunt for new routines that improve wellness, and we've been hearing a lot about this one lately: sleeping naked. Not only is going to bed in…

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Catfish;Why You Need To Stop Devouring Your Favorite ‘Point & Kill’.

Catfish (Pepper soup) is popularly known as 'Point & Kill" in my country because of the way its picked up at the local Nigerian markets,widely available and affordable and served in…

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