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kidney stones

Kidney Stones ; What Are They Exactly; Signs & Symptoms

What exactly are kidney stones, anyway? A kidney stone is basically exactly what it sounds like: a hard object that forms in your kidney. It starts out when certain chemicals…

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Major Tips To Avoid Nosocomial Infections -(Hospital Acquired Infections)

When it comes to nosocomial infections,there are three things that matter: Infection Control, Needle Safety, and Antibiotic Resistance. Infection Control Sometimes, infections spread, even in a hospital. In hospitals, we've…

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Morning Sunlight; Why You Might Not Receive This Blessing….

Early Childhood, we were taught that the molecules that produce vitamin D are present in our skin and activated by the sun, so soaking some morning sun is a good…

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Reasons Why You Need To Sleep Naked ; Health Benefits….

We're always on the hunt for new routines that improve wellness, and we've been hearing a lot about this one lately: sleeping naked. Not only is going to bed in…

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Catfish;Why You Need To Stop Devouring Your Favorite ‘Point & Kill’.

Catfish (Pepper soup) is popularly known as 'Point & Kill" in my country because of the way its picked up at the local Nigerian markets,widely available and affordable and served in…

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Constant Masturbation.

In secondary school, masturbation wasn’t exactly a popular topic. In fact, talking about masturbating in almost any social—or even educational—setting was a big no-no. It was almost as if masturbation…

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Causes Of Dizziness After Bowing/ Bending Over…

Feeling dizzy when bending over is a common occurrence. Most causes of dizziness or lightheadedness are not serious, although some causes may require medical attention. A person should see a…

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Adult Bed wetting

Adult Bed wetting…..Causes And Treatment!…………..

For many adults, it is hard to even talk about something that is a “kid thing.” It must be noted that adult bed wetting is actually different than what children…

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