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Catfish;Why You Need To Stop Devouring Your Favorite ‘Point & Kill’.

Catfish (Pepper soup) is popularly known as 'Point & Kill" in my country because of the way its picked up at the local Nigerian markets,widely available and affordable and served in…

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Constant Masturbation.

In secondary school, masturbation wasn’t exactly a popular topic. In fact, talking about masturbating in almost any social—or even educational—setting was a big no-no. It was almost as if masturbation…

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Causes Of Dizziness After Bowing/ Bending Over…

Feeling dizzy when bending over is a common occurrence. Most causes of dizziness or lightheadedness are not serious, although some causes may require medical attention. A person should see a…

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Adult Bed wetting

Adult Bed wetting…..Causes And Treatment!…………..

For many adults, it is hard to even talk about something that is a “kid thing.” It must be noted that adult bed wetting is actually different than what children…

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strep throat

Five Warning Signs You Could Suffer Strep Throat ….

Strep throat isn’t the most common cause of a sore throat but it can be one of the most painful. Aside from the telltale pain, other characteristic symptoms of strep…

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body odour

The Body Odour Fight! Why And How To Win/Conquer.

Body Odour popularly known as bromhidrosis, is a normal part of the human experience that is quite embarrassing and very uneasy. It is actually caused by default of the bacteria…

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Tramadol And Premature Ejaculation, Side Effects And Advice.

It is a well known fact that Tramadol can help many guys suffering from premature ejaculation to last longer but what we might not know are the other effects of…

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What Next To Eat When You Have Cold Or Flu – Prevention

''You are what you eat'' makes more sense to me because it literally means eating healthy can help you stay healthy.One cannot underestimate the importance of good nutrition when it…

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How Dangerous Is Your Towel To Your Skin…………….

Dirty towel(s) can carry a huge variety of microbes, and they’ve even been linked to spreading infectious disease. You can’t keep your towels 100% germ-free,but you can limit the grossest…

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What Your Tongue Tells About Your Health Status…….

The tongue which is a muscular organ in the mouth is generally known for its importance in the digestive system and the gustatory system as its primary organ of taste…

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