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Blue light

Blue Light ; Why You Need To Drop Your Phone After Sunset.

Smart phones, laptops, and other handheld devices all transmit light. However, the blue light in particular may be toxic for your eyes. Retinal, which is produced by the eye, is…

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The Sugar You Are Consuming Without Even Knowing It…..

What Is Added Sugar? The term “added sugar” refers to and includes all sugars that are added to food, rather than those that occur naturally. Naturally-occurring sugars, for instance, are…

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Belly Fat Linked With Higher Heart Disease Risk – Researchers

Belly fat Spare tire. Beer belly. Big man belly.  Whatever you call it, research shows that extra fat around your belly ( belly fat) poses a unique health threat. So,…

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More Visits To An Optician Could Spots Early Dementia Signs – Researchers

A simple eye test carried out by opticians could help predict who is at risk of developing dementia, a study suggests. The test is usually done to spot early signs…

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White spots

Why You May Have White Spots On Your Tonsils……………….

Have you ever woken up to high fever and dysphagia only to check your mouth and notice white spots on your tonsils so scary that you just want to scrape…

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Some Personality Traits Linked To Healthier Sex Life..Is Yours Included?

Ever wondered the true secret of great—and frequent—sex? Turns out a lot of it has to do with personality. A new study in the Journal of Research in Personality found…

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Holding Hands Can Sync Brainwaves, Ease pain – New study shows

Reach for the hand of a loved one in pain and not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs, your brain wave patterns will couple up too,…

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Sitting For Too Long, Bad For The Brains – Researchers

Sitting too much is linked to changes in a section of the brain that is critical for memory, according to a preliminary study by UCLA researchers of middle-aged and older…

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