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Holding Hands Can Sync Brainwaves, Ease pain – New study shows

Reach for the hand of a loved one in pain and not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs, your brain wave patterns will couple up too,…

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Sitting For Too Long, Bad For The Brains – Researchers

Sitting too much is linked to changes in a section of the brain that is critical for memory, according to a preliminary study by UCLA researchers of middle-aged and older…

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2017 hypertension guidelines

The New Updated 2017 Hypertension Guidelines…..

The 2017 hypertension guidelines take pains to point out that the way blood pressure has often been measured in doctors’ offices, and the way hypertension has been typically diagnosed, has…

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sore throat

Stop Prescribing Antibiotics For Sore Throat – New Guideline Says

Doctors should not prescribe "precious" antibiotics for most people with sore throat and should recommend drugs like paracetamol, new guidelines say. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said…

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premature birth

Bacteria Infestation Could Lead To Premature Birth/Delivery – Study Finds

Pregnant women who are most at risk of giving premature birth /delivery could be identified by the microbes found in their reproductive tract, a study has discovered. A team from…

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heavy periods

Heavy Periods Could Soon Be History – New Study

Women who suffer from heavy periods can attest how terrible it feels when their time of the month comes around. Thankfully, heavy periods may soon be a thing of the…

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Ebonyi Government Confirms 2 Deaths From Laser Fever Outbreak

Two resident doctors serving at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakiliki, FETHA, Ebonyi State have died of lassa fever. The development which has thrown other health workers in the hospital into…

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Kidney disease

The Dangers Of Dieting With A Kidney Disease – New Study.

Trying to lose weight? + Diagnosed of a Kidney disease? Call it a double-edged sword of obesity because dieting with a kidney disease has been revealed to cause more harm/damage than…

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prostrate cancer

How To Eat Your Way Out Of Prostrate Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!

Prostrate cancer is now the most common type of cancer that affects men after skin cancer.Statistics shows that prostrate cancer will affect approximately 14% of men sometime during their lifetimes.…

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Kellogg’s Under Pressure To Cut Sugar In Kid’s Cereals Up To 40%.

Cereals giant Kellogg's is to cut the amount of sugar in its three top selling children's cereals by between 20% and 40% by the middle of next year. The lines…

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