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Water weight

Water Weight; Reason For Your Weight-loss Frustration…

I have been asked many questions about water weight and also come across a lot of questionnaires if water adds to your weight and make you fat and if carbs…

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Scratchy Thighs

Why You Have Scratchy Thighs After A Jog/Run……………………….

Scratchy thighs Just this morning, i was so inspired to step out for a run after  so many testimonies of weight gain  and unhealthy feeding and i almost ran mad...All…

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Favorite Workout

How Your Favorite Workout Is Messing With Your Vagina?

There’s no denying that regular sweat sessions are awesome for your health. But what about the health of your vagina? Whether it's getting chafed during a long run or compressed…

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These Compound Exercises Will Strengthen Your Entire Body.

Compound exercises are exercises that involves multiple joints and muscle groups. For example, the squat involves moving the knees, ankles, and hip joint and requires a whole-body coordinated effort, with…

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Why You Shouldnt Workout/Exercise When Angry – New Research.

A hard workout may seem like a good way to blow off steam after a fight with your partner or a disappointing day at work. But it might be smart…

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swimming pool

Did You Know That Regular Exercise Can Give You Clearer Skin?

It's hardly news that exercise is great for your heart, lungs, and mental outlook. Here's another reason to get moving: Regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy skin.…

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All About The World Most Popular Sport – Soccer….Health Benefits?

We all love Soccer more commonly known as football or association football. A game played on a large grass field with a goal at each end of which the object…

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Fitness model

Four Definite Ways To Increase Fat Loss – Fitness Model

Body fat is simply stored energy, so giving your body a reason to use it is vital. This can be done through diet or exercise, but most commonly a combination…

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