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Antimalarial Drugs VS Vitamin C -The Unseen Battlefield! Why?

Ever wondered why you keep treating Malaria and it doesn't go? Ever wondered why you take Antimalarial drugs every month?Yes most times, after taking the complete dose for 3 days..…

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swimming pool

No Mistakes;Never Swallow Swimming Pool Water!! (My Personal Story)

So for few days after visiting the swimming pool, i have been struggling with a whole lot ranging from common cold, sore throat and ear discharge of which my whole…

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Blow job

Sore Throat After A Head/Blow Job…Find Out The Cause?

Blow job or giving a head (Oral sex) might be just as important to many than traditional sex now, no matter who is going down on whom, the goal of…

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Ever Wondered Why Water Tastes Bitter After Eating Pineapple…

Pineapple is a fruit overloaded with sugar and acid..(Bromelain content) so when the water hits your taste buds, they are stimulated and temporary unable to report sugar and acid at…

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The Best Chocolates For Your Heart; Dark, Milk Or White?

The saying 'all fingers are not equal' seems to have a literal link to chocolates..Not all chocolates are created equal. How Possible? Chocolates are made from cocoa and the percentage…

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contact lens

What Sleeping On Contact Lens Does To Your Eyes.

Sleeping  daily wearing contact lens doesn’t only increase your risk for eye infections, you can also irritate your eyes and experience other problems with your cornea, the front surface to…

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Sexual Myth And Related Facts…Wipe Out The Illusion.

Myth: Is a bigger penis better? Truth: Penises come in all shapes and sizes. The idea that bigger is better is simply false. What really makes sex better is compatibility with your partner and open communication about what feels good and what doesn’t. Myth: Vaginas are tight or loose depending on the amount of sex a person has had. Truth: The “tight vs. loose” idea is fairly common, but it is purely false. The vagina is a muscle that expands and contracts. When a person is aroused, the walls of the vagina soften and lengthen, making insertion easier. If they are nervous, the walls of the vagina will naturally contract, making insertion difficult. Myth: Sex is painful. Truth: Sex should feel good –even if you are having sex for the first time or if you have had sex before . Feeling safe and comfortable is what’s important. If someone is nervous or tense, their muscles will contract, which may cause discomfort. If something does not feel good, tell your partner. You may need to slow down, use a lubricant or stop until you are feeling ready and comfortable.

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MYTH: Antibiotics Are The Answer For Every Illness.

FACT: Antibiotics are not and  only helpful in illnesses caused by bacteria, such as Strep throat.Most people still believe they are the cure for every and mostly winter colds and…

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face cleansing

Face Cleansing Questions And Answers For Acne Breakouts.

Cleansing the face (face cleansing) seems like such a simple thing, doesn't it? But it's normal to have questions about proper skin cleansing, especially if you are prone to acne…

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Check Out The Reasons Why You Snore And Others Don’t.

The Anatomical Review(Snore) From an anatomical standpoint, snoring is caused by a partially closed upper airway (the nose and throat). Everyone’s neck muscles relax during sleep, but sometimes they relax…

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