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Vitamin D

Vitamin D To Help Obese Children Lose Weight – New Research

Vitamin D As childhood obesity continues to rise around the world, researchers are looking for solutions that might help stem that rise. Healthier diets, more exercise, and less screen time…

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Weight loss

The Three Typical Exercises You Need For Your Weight Loss Challenge.

This article majorly states three exercises your body needs for a balanced workout schedule and effective weight loss results. Schedule Aerobic Exercise to Lose Weight Many exercises to lose weight…

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coconut oil

Why You Need To Stop Applying Coconut Oil On Your Face.

We all know the health benefits coconut oil has on our skin and its hype isn't anything new to us. It is a great emollient if the barrier function of…

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skin sign

The Skin Sign; How Your Skin Tells You Are Sick…

The skin is one of the first organs to react to a dangerous condition, so when your you notice any skin sign like reaction, abnormality or abnormal is important…

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The Hidden Dangers Of Sleeping With A Fan On All Night.

Dealing with the heat during the day is one thing, but dealing with it at night? That's when things get insufferable. It's difficult, if not impossible, to fall asleep when…

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sore throat

10 Reasons You Have Recurrent Sore Throats In Extreme Cases

Having Sore throats is one conditon that has the most uncomfortable feeling and discomfort..Its pain is just one symptom of what its typically known for. Other symptoms include having a…

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Swimming ; The Best Exercise For A Full Body Workout.

Swimming is the easiest way to get a full-body workout...Yes,when it comes exercise, there’s an exercise more effective than weight training and running that you’re probably forgetting about — unless…

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Blue light

Blue Light ; Why You Need To Drop Your Phone After Sunset.

Smart phones, laptops, and other handheld devices all transmit light. However, the blue light in particular may be toxic for your eyes. Retinal, which is produced by the eye, is…

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