Antimalarial Drugs VS Vitamin C -The Unseen Battlefield! Why?


Ever wondered why you keep treating Malaria and it doesn’t go? Ever wondered why you take Antimalarial drugs every month?Yes most times, after taking the complete dose for 3 days.. Few weeks to  that you are back to the bed with fever and all its symptoms….Sweetheart, wonder no more because this might be a probable cause.Antimalarial

The liver is an important organ in the life process of malaria parasites in the body and very rich in Iron.When iron supplements like vitamin C are taken they accumulate more in the liver where malaria parasites multiply very favorably since they depend a lot on iron for their multiplication. In fact, these parasites also attack red blood cells and destroy them (haemolysis) just to get more iron. This in turn causes inflammatory symptoms that present as malaria; and that’s why malaria, left untreated, will gradually result in anemia (low concentration of red blood cells in the body).

Vitamin C, on the other hand, whether gotten from fruits like orange, grape, fruit juice, or tablets sold in pharmacies, helps with the absoption of iron which goes mostly to the liver and blood. This may be good for a patient who has anaemia as it helps to build up blood in the body, but it is detrimental to people who have malaria as the malaria parasites will have more iron to feed on and growfurther.Also, Vitamin C helps young malaria parasites grow to maturity in the body.

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Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACTs) like artemether and amodiaquine which are contained in antimalarials like Coartem, Artequick, e.t.c. act by releasing oxidative derivatives in the body to mop up the parasites, but vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which counters the effect of the oxidative derivatives and so the antimalarial effect is not fully achieved.

So please the bottom line is whenever you are on antimalarial drugs be it coartem, alaxin, artesunate or grutha can easily take a chill pill on fruits, multivitamins, juice, vitamin C or any drug that contains iron.

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