3 Things That Makes You Silently Crave For Sugar.


Sugar is one of the most damaging parts of our modern diet. Many of the diseases we suffer from are tied to excess consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty liver disease and even Alzheimer’s (Type 3 Diabetes) all have links to excess refined sugar and carbohydrate consumption.
We all crave for sugar on different levels but little did you know that your little intakes also predisposes to this unnecessary cravings we experience…like:

  • You take in too much caffeine

That double espresso you pick up on the way to work every morning might be doing more than fueling your energy. A recent study from the Journal of Food Science found that caffeine can switch up our taste buds so we perceive foods as less sweet than they actually are. When you can’t taste sweetness as well, you’re apt to consume more in order to satisfy your natural sweet tooth/part of tongue.

  • You consume artificial sweeteners

Consuming artificial sweeteners trains your taste buds to appreciate hypersweet flavors precisely because they are sweet, encourage cravings and sugar dependence.”
This may make it difficult for fruit and other less-sweet foods to measure up to that expectation.In other words, after a steady diet of fake sugar foods,regular sugar is a letdown for your taste buds. So you finish off that tub of mint chocolate chip or icecream to try to make up for it.

  • You load up on the wrong carbs

The glycemic index measures how specific foods affect your blood sugar level. High-glycemic foods such as processed white bread, pastries, crackers, and cookies cause your blood sugar to spike soon after consuming them . . . and then crash quickly as well. With your blood level down, your body seeks a fast energy fix, amping your appetite for sugary sweets like a donut or candy bars.

The trick is to consume foods that keep your level on an even keel. So skip the high-glycemic empty carbs and load your plate with low-glycemic carbs, like fruits and veggies, minimally processed grains such as quinoa and bulgur, steel-cut oats, brown rice, and whole grain bread. These items keep your energy steady, so you don’t experience the sudden crash and subsequent craving.

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